I love the hive mind!  On Monday evening, I met a resourceful group of people for the first evening of our workshop series.  We talked about budgeting and how the envelope system worked.  Then, we opened up the conversation to sharing ideas on stretching the cash in the envelopes. 

Here were some of the ideas: 
1. Using power bars and turning them off when we aren’t using our machines. 
2.  Free or cheap dial-up systems for the Internet! (I will look into this and post detailed information on cheap Internet access.)
3.  Reading magazines online through the public library rather than buying the magazines off the rack!
4.  Bringing food and thermoses of coffee rather than buying out. 
5.  Putting the hot water tank on a switch.  If we aren’t using hot water, there is no need to keep it hot!
6.  Tissues are cheaper than toilet paper!  Who knew?
I learned so much in just one evening.  Can’t wait for the next evening!

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