Net-Free Day!

In the past, I have taken an cyber-free holiday for two weeks every July.  I am still home at that time and not working, so it isn’t as if I am away from temptation.  The idea is to get off the hamster wheel and not find excuses to stay indoors in the hottest month of the year!

Now, I am going to give myself a new challenge:  One non workday a week with no Internet.  From 8 am to 8 pm, no checking messages and no recreational activity on the Internet.  No writing that requires a keyboard, either!  Reading has to be done with paper books.

I can use my phone to TALK to people. I don’t make a lot of phone calls, so this is not likely to be an issue.  I have so few people that I phone text with that I am allowing that.  If a family member is out and about and wants to know what time dinner is through text, then it is akin to using the phone.

Do I usually spend all day on the computer?  No.  But I am prone to getting sucked in as a procrastination tool.

I wish I could unplug the modem for the day, but alas, I am not dragging the rest of the family in with me.  They can come to this in their own sweet time.

12 hours of free time!  It should be interesting to see how I use it!  Saturday Feb 1 will be my first Net-free day!

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