The Envelope System

The envelope system is really like reins on a horse.  If you sit on a horse and have no reins, the horse will not get you home on time for dinner.  However, with reins, you have the power and skills get to home.

The envelope system is a tool that helps you do more than simply make ends meet.  It empowers you to live well and secure your future by lowering stress along the way.

The Learning Process

This really is a learning process and it will take you a couple of months to truly figure this out. If you are part of a couple, it is extremely important that you do this together.  Perhaps one of you has always done the finances.  However, both of you spend the money.  More importantly, together you will come up with a better understanding of the whole picture and how to make this work.  Set a time each week to do the envelopes as a team.

This isn’t difficult to learn, but it does take time and effort the first month.



Time Commitment

Week One Budget:          5 – 8 Hours


Weeks Two – Four Envelopes:    1 hour per week

Research:      1-4 hours per week


Month Two Plus Monthly Budget:  About 1 hour per month

Envelopes:          About 20 minutes a week

Research:  You decide how much effort you want to put into this. The more knowledge you have, the faster you can become financially at ease.






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