Reviewing the Second Week

Now you are getting the hang of using envelopes, but it is still a challenge!  No problem!  This is still the early learning stage!

  1. Review last week’s spending, Recalculate what you will need this week.  Refill your envelopes.
  2. Identify categories where you need to reduce the amount you spend.  Perhaps you want to save on all the categories, but choose just one or two to start with.  If you are part of a couple, perhaps each person can take on the research for a different category and become the lead in that area.
  3. Research how to save on that category by checking the categories in The Resilient Wallet, by checking other websites, by asking people what they do, and by using your own imagination.  It is amazing what ideas you will come up with.
  4. Share your findings with your partner and together, agree on what you want to try.  It is so important that you do this together.

Let us know what you found out!  Please share in the comments section!

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