The Resilient Wallet is putting on a six-week course on making ends meet.  It has been created for people who want to use money so efficiently that we become more relaxed as we build financial security while being kind to the planet and the people on it.

We start off by setting budgets.  Then, we will look at how to make the money in each envelope stretch by sharing ideas and having guest speakers talk to us about:

  • implementing the envelope system,
  • managing the grocery bill,
  • lowering transportation costs,
  • cutting the energy bill,
  • acquiring low-cost high-quality clothing, and
  • understanding the impact of stuff.

Dates:  January 20 to Feb 24 2014

Time: 7-9 pm

Where: 464 Metcalfe Street, the Meeting Room.  The door is on the Metcalfe side, to the left of the main door.

Cost:  Free.  Donations are welcome to help defray the costs of running the workshops.

Confidentiality:  You will learn to implement the tips to your own situation;  you will not ever have to share your financial situation with anyone in the class or the organizers.

The Resilient Wallet would like to thank The Resilient Kitchen for their help and CCOC for providing the meeting room at Beaver Barracks for free.

Register by contacting us by using the form below.

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